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Previous Competition Results



  • The Wasps by Wilson F. Engel, III (First)

  • The Picture on The News by Oliver Snelgrove (Second)

  • Sun-Gazer by Sofia Mostaghimi (Third)

  • The Reckoning by Alison Miller (Special Mention)

  • Heatwave by Marina Marinopoulos

    The Letter by Anne Foster

    Inferno by Dawne Gowrie Zetterstrom

    The Hanging Tree by Stephen Wade

    Stalker by Rena Robinett

    The Pied Pipers’ Song by Katie Avagliano

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  • First Kill by Tim O’Leary (First)

  • Dear Violet by Lucy Brown (Second)
  • The Luft Mensch by Peter Newall (Third)

  • Saint Kizito by Caroline MBaya

  • Summer Skin by Richard Larson

  • The Mart by Lela Tredwell

  • Last Prayers at the Chapel by Hannah Persaud

  • Something Else Happened by Kristen Falso-Capaldi

  • White Wings by Mark patton

  • Flower Behind Her Ear by Andrew Stiggers

  • Long John of Babylon by Bruce Campbell

  • The Loudest Laugh of All by Siobhan O’Tierney

  • Dragon Bird of Liaoning by Wilson F. Engel III

  • How Do You Know by Fred McGavran

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  • Athry Lake by Katherine Pringle (First)
  • Surviving Bedtime by Jeffrey Cravens (Second)
  • Nesting Dolls by Pia Ghosh Roy (Joint Third) 

  • Departure by Haydon Rochestor Junior (Joint Third)
  • In Dogpoo Park by Andrew Peters (Editors’ Pick)

    Vinegar Hill by Andrew Mayne (Editors’ Pick)

  • The Last Communist by Elena Croitoru

    Running Toward the Sun by Jen Knox

    My Son to Count by Patrick Martin

    The Interests of Science by Mark Fabiano

    The Ringers by Rebecca Lloyd 

    The Duchess of  Windsor’s Dog by Jeffrey Manton

    Spells the Phantom by Keya  Guimaraes 

    Dark Sky by Eric Van Meter

  • Man of God by Elvis Hadzic

  • Knitting to Oblivion by Katy Wimhurst 

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  •  This is what happens when you talk by Chris Pritchard – 1st Prize

  • The Book of New Words by Eluned Gramich – (Second)

  • Exoneration by Don Noel – (Third)
  • Some Kind of Weird & Wonderful by Selma Carvalho (Editor’s Pick)

    The Day the Messiah Didn’t Come by Michael Orbach (Editor’s Pick)

  • Rock & Roll Will Never Die by Mary Carrera
  • The Light that Obscures by Lucie McKnight Hardy
  • The Hijab by Susan Knecht
  • Fighting Ghosts by Jack  Johnson
  • The Thrifty Bee by Molly Sturdevant
  • Ming the clam & the immortal jellyfish by Tracy Fells
  • Mr Meadows by James Masters
  • The Frog by Helen de Búrca
  • Naked Men by Adam Mieczyński

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  • Renewed Faith in Snow  by Zanda Pilate (First)
  • True North by Erica Eisen (Second)
  • Too brief, The Cricket’s Winter Song by Arthur Carey (Third)
  • Full of Grace by Grainne Murphy (Special Mention)
  • Ice Totem by Donald Roberts (Special Mention)
  • Drunk House by Anne Foster (Special Mention)

  • Allure by Andrew Mayne 

  • The Lemon Season by Joanna Vandenbring

  • The Hearth of Christmas by Steve Wade

  • A Soft and Fading White by Ron Hayes

  • Candied Chestnuts by Meltem Naz Kaso

  • The Sleigh Ride by Lauren D’Ambra
  • The Bread Man by Richard Buxton (First)

  •  Lost and Found in Berlin by Michelle Elvy (Second)
  • The Ghost Child by Helen de Burca (Third)
  • Fox Fur by Linda MacLennan (Third)
  • English Afternoons by Peter Higgins  (Editors’ Pick)
  • The Little Red Lego Boat by Christopher Howard (Editors’ Pick)
  •  Cassie’s Chair by Diane Thomas-Plunk
  • The Shot from Robin Bailes
  • My Sister’s Island by Louise Mangos
  • One Star by Timothy O’Leary’s
  • Artichokes by Sam Calcutt
  • When We Forget by Daniel Franklin
  • Puke in the Snow by Thomas Ang
  • Where Shall I Find Refuge by Peter Newall

  • Letting Go by Patrick Weldon  
  • Box 821 by Judith Wilson (First)
  • Zag by Steve Fromm (Second)
  • Lessons by KF Lee (Third)
  • Rachel Wants to Die by Kerry Craven (Editors’ Pick)
  • Stayin’ Alive by Robert Grossmith (Editors’ Pick)
  • Snowball  by Phillip Sterling (Editors’ Pick)

  • How it’s Always Been by Jake Teeny

  • The Mimsey Borogove by Megan Waters 

  • Have a Nice Day by Diana Powell

  • Scarecrows by Eileen O’Donoghue

  • The Woman by Joma West

  • The Post Mortem Composer by Laurence MacDonald

  • Ivan by the Sea by Marcus Stewart

  • The Dark Dealer in Opposites by Jonah Jones

  • She by Rahel Saadya

  • Bullets by Colum Sanson-Reagan

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