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Dear Reader,

It has been over a year since the global pandemic struck, and though there has been some success with vaccines, there is still a long way to go before a sizeable enough population receives the jab. Many cities in many countries continue to remain in lockdown mode, with heavy economic, social, and emotional costs. And while governments the world over are frantically rushing to manage the economic fallout, the emotional aspect is sadly left with the individual. And this had us thinking about what we, as an online press, could do to help ease some of the pain. Well, why not donate some our books, we thought, to keep people company is these unprecedented, most difficult of times? We are in the business of entertaining people through the written word, and what better, then, than to share the fun of reading, at absolutely no cost?

Welcome, then, to the Fabula Press e-book giveaway. 

For this giveaway we have selected Nivalis 2017, an anthology gleaned from the entries to the Nivalis 2017 competition. This is one of our favourite collections, simply because though we did not set a theme, somehow the shortlisted stories all morphed into one common emotion – that of love. Love in myriad shapes, varied sizes, love arriving as the Doomsday Clock, or, strangely, in Jabberwocky notes. Love that began in a post office box, and love that stopped in a zag. Love that is sometimes a mellowed wine, and sometimes just a hint of hope in an ocean of solitude.

Yes, read about the love, in Nivalis 2017. Please click on the book icon below to download your free copy.

And let us know if you enjoy the book. That will really encourage us to organize more such giveaways in the near future.

~ Editors

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